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Experience a vibrant explosion of flavor and color with Poppin' Flavors' Rainbow Popcorn. Each bite bursts with a symphony of fruity delights, as playful as the bold hues that dance across the kernels. This gourmet popcorn is a delightful indulgence for all ages, transporting you to a world of pure, unadulterated fun.

Rainbow Popcorn

SKU: 0031
  • Crafted with a discerning palate in mind, gourmet popcorn elevates the humble snack to new heights. Featuring premium popping corn, real butter, and high-quality oils, the foundation is set for exceptional flavor exploration. Seasonings and coatings range from the sophisticated (think truffle oil and parmesan) to the delightfully decadent (caramel and chocolate), ensuring there's a perfect pairing for every craving. Often positioned as a more responsible indulgence, gourmet popcorn prioritizes quality ingredients, minimizing the artificial flavors and unnecessary additives commonly found in conventional popcorn.  Bag ranges: Snack, Meduim and Party Bag. Larger sizes are 5 Gallon and 20 Gallon bags.

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