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Ever feel the urge to start a playful argument over the last handful of popcorn? Look no further than Salt & Vinegar Popcorn, the official snack of friendly competition (and maybe a little heartburn).

We start with a buttery base – gotta have some harmony, right? Then comes the real fun: a tidal wave of sea salt that'll make your taste buds pucker like a scolded child. But wait, there's more! A sprinkle of dill weed adds a touch of sophistication (because apparently, vinegar needs a wingman), and a generous dose of vinegar seasoning ensures every bite is a tangy tango.

So grab a bag, share (maybe), and get ready to experience the delicious thrill of (friendly) competition. Just don't blame us if you find yourself arguing with the mailman about the weather – these flavors are that good.

Salt and Vinegar Popcorn

SKU: 0035
  • Crafted with a discerning palate in mind, gourmet popcorn elevates the humble snack to new heights. Featuring premium popping corn, real butter, and high-quality oils, the foundation is set for exceptional flavor exploration. Seasonings and coatings range from the sophisticated (think truffle oil and parmesan) to the delightfully decadent (caramel and chocolate), ensuring there's a perfect pairing for every craving. Often positioned as a more responsible indulgence, gourmet popcorn prioritizes quality ingredients, minimizing the artificial flavors and unnecessary additives commonly found in conventional popcorn.  Bag ranges: Snack, Meduim and Party Bag. Larger sizes are 5 Gallon and 20 Gallon bags.

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